Tamrex Oy has specialized in safety products. We import and distribute various safety products for fire brigades, industry and households. 


Our product range includes:

  • safety and professional footwear
  • work wear
  • personal protective equipment
  • first aid equipment
  • fire fighting and rescue equipment
  • fire extinguishers and maintenance
  • ladders
  • welding equipment
  • industrial and medical gas supply 


Our subsidiary, Tamrex Ohutuse Oü is located in Estonia. They have offices in Tallinn and Tartu. Product range is almost the same as in Finland. More information available from the web site tamrex.ee or contact by e-mail tamrex@tamrex.ee


Tamrex Oy has a certified quality system ISO 9001, which was granted by Inspecta Oy in December 2003. 


For further information about Tamrex Oy, please contact: tamrex@tamrex.fi