Tamrex Oy is specialized in safety products. We import and distribute various fire and occupational safety products.
Our customers vary from associations to public sector, from entrepreneurs to the biggest industrial plants and from households to volunteer fire departments.

Tamrex is a family owned business, established 1978. Our main office, store and warehouse are located in Tampere, Finland. We have also a branch office in Tampere, in Hämeenlinna and in Jyväskylä. We operate however in the entire Finland. We have a webstore with broad range of products.

The owners of Tamrex Oy are Henry Ray, Anne Martiskainen and Tomas Ray. All of the owners work in Tamrex actively, Anne Martiskainen is the CEO. We have about 30 skilled and experienced professionals working in Tamrex and all of them have an important place in the business – that’s why everything works.


Our main goal is to make sure our customers have a safe and enjoyable workday. So that shoes and clothes fit well, are durable and look good, safety products are up to date and one knows how to use them. Safety consists of many different factors – knowledge and stance are among the most significant ones.


We have defined our company values together:

Customer orientation

Supportive work enviroment

The courage to develop

Professional pride



Our product and service range include:

Workwear and footwear for many industries (for example building and transport)

Personal Protective Equipment (protection for the head, hands, ears, eyes and face, respitory protection, work-at-height equipment)

First aid products

Fire and rescue products: fire hoses and hose care equipment, branch pipes, nozzles and couplings, portable pumps, heavy rescue equipment.

Firemen personal protection products: fire suits, helmets, gloves, shoes, breathing equipment and gas monitors.

Maintenance of first hand firefighting equipment

Educational services (hotwork licence, first hand extinguishing, occupational safety card)


Other information:

Turnover 2018: 8,0 M €

Sertified ISO 9001:2015 quality management system since 2001.

Associated company Tamrex Ohutuse Oü is located in Estonia and it has own subsidiaries in Latvia and Lithuania. Tamrex Ohutuse has in total 29 stores in Baltic countries. More information available from the website www.tamrex.ee or e-mail tamrex@tamrex.ee